Retreats + Events


The farmHouse

If you would like to run a retreat or host an event, you will need to reserve the "farmhouse" listing, since it includes use of the yoga studio and allows for events on property. The farmhouse has two kitchens, a heated yoga studio, 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms. Some groups bring a chef and others choose to cater. Hosting an event is an exciting endeavor that requires planning and forethought, so please schedule a time to speak with us via phone so we can answer your questions and assist you in planning.

  • Seven bedrooms/Seven bathrooms

  • Yoga studio with far infrared heating panels

  • Kitchen for participants + kitchen for leadership team

  • Cozy spaces for lounging and gathering


food + catering

While some people choose to hire a cook for their retreats, others prefer to cater or do some combination of both. Contact us for details about local area catering options or grocery stores. We have organized retreats and are happy to make suggestions and advise you on food options.

  • Woodstock Farmer’s Market

  • Village Butcher, Woodstock

  • Watrobas General Store, Reading

  • Butcher and Pantry, Brownsville

  • South Woodstock General Store

  • BJ’s Wholesale (with organic options)