high point wellness

High Point Wellness features in-house weekend programs -- each that centers around a specific activity such as running, cycling, crossfit, skiing, reading, or writing weekends. All High Point programs include hot power yoga and mindfulness-based practice that is meant for athletes whose yoga practice is all-levels. Our programs feature power yoga that was developed specifically for athletes to increase flexibility, deepening their abilities, while still providing them with the physicality they crave. We aim for you to move, sweat, and thrive on the mat, driving you to hit a natural high that makes the effort worth your while. All High Point programs are alcohol-free, allowing you the chance to get high on life, in the company of like-minded, active people who like having fun and feeling good from natural endorphins. Inquire directly if you are interested in attending one of our wellness programs.


yoga Retreats

Would you like to attend a yoga retreat? Horse and Hound hosts guest yoga teachers who specialize in running retreats and programs geared towards personal development and enlightenment. Yoga retreats may be hosted by teachers of varying backgrounds.  If you're interested in learning about yoga retreats happening at Horse and Hound, let us know! 


local events

Even though Reading is a small town of approximately 650 residents, we have local events that draw people from all over the world. Home to Vermont Overland and Hall Art Foundation, there is almost always something happening in the summer months. We are also located 6 miles from Green Mountain Horse Association (GMHA), 13 miles from Okemo Mountain Resort, and 25 miles from Killington Ski Resort. A scenic 12 mile drive will take you into the quaint town of Woodstock, Vermont, which hosts the covered bridge half-marathon and is home to the historic Woodstock Inn, featuring a spa, golf course, nordic center, and athletic / tennis club. If you're into running, cycling, the arts, skiing, or life at the spa, just reach out and we'll send you in the right direction. There's plenty to do if Vermont is calling your name.