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established in 2015

This 1800's farmhouse is said to be one of the oldest houses on Town Hill Road, historically called "The Great Road" which used to be the primary mode of transportation to Rutland, Vermont. This neighborhood was Reading's Town center and made up a village of buildings -- some remnants still exists today such as old stone foundations. The farmhouse changed ownership, at one point becoming the Carousel Farm Bed and Breakfast, and successively owned by two families before becoming Horse and Hound.   

But alas, like the thin soil of Reading Center many years ago, the home's existence wore thin as well, like many old New England homes. With little insulation and an old stone foundation, new repairs were in order to extend the life of the house and make it more sustainable over the long-term. Before opening the doors for guests, a new foundation was poured and an extensive insulation renovation completed. Still working on a dissertation for graduate school in Boston, I accepted my first Airbnb guests in 2015, an equestrian group in town for dressage days. Shelby and Huckleberry Finn, the two resident golden retrievers, opened the french doors and dragged their loaves of bread into the yard. I was horrified, desperately wanting to be a good hostess. To make amends, I baked a fresh loaf of bread and placed it in the kitchen for them.  The same guests returned the following year.

In 2016, the yoga studio construction began and was completed in time for two pilot yoga retreats. Those who attended were from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Texas, Mississippi, New Zealand, and a long time friend I had met years ago through my travels in Italy -- all paths connecting and reconnecting through the power of Facebook. What occurred to me during these retreats was the way that memories were made among strangers and friends, the connections that were formed and maintained afterwards, and the sense that people really like coming together to connect. While social media can create distance between peoples' hearts, it's a phenomenal medium that ultimately can bring people together in person to enjoy the simple pleasure of being with one another. 

The mission at Horse and Hound is to do just that - bring people together in community with each other to connect, create memories, dine together, share precious moments, let laughter fill the home, and have fun.  Whether you are traveling with friends, equestrian competitors, athletes for the VT-100 or VT-50, Vermont Overland, Reading Farms Estate weddings, yoga retreats, or family, we hope to provide you with a cozy home away from home to draw closer to nature and friends.  

We look forward to your stay.

Horse and Hound Farmhouse

Reading, Vermont