respect your neighbors

At any given time, there may be other guests on property, for example, if someone is staying in the Writer's Room on the far west end of the building or if you have rented the Main House or West End, the adjoining unit could be rented by another group. Please be mindful of noise level in the home as well as the parking area and be mindful of other guests on the property. The rooms are equipped with sound machines, fans, or A/C units, all which reduce sound transmission between bedrooms and the west end / main house. On another note, it's likely that guests in the adjoining rental are involved in similar activities like GMHA, the VT-100, or Vermont Overland events, so feel free to introduce yourself, cheer them on, and make friends with your neighbor. 


pet policy

With the exception of the Writer's Room, we allow up to two guest dogs by permission only for a $50 pet fee per dog. We ask that you agree to certain terms if you bring your dog along for the stay. Dogs are not allowed in the bedrooms but can stay in the common areas: for the Main House, the central living area and for the West End, the downstairs entryway. Dogs must be leashed at all times and walked on the neighborhood roads out the front door. We do not allow guests to leave their dogs unattended in the home due to problems with excessive barking. There are goats, horses, a cat, and two other dogs living in the backyard on property and this tends to overly excite guests dogs causing them to bark, chase goats, tree the cat, etc. We appreciate your cooperation and respect for our pet policy. 


property animals

Guests are not allowed in the barn or pasture areas which are roped areas throughout the property. We also do not allow guests to pet the horses or animals without permission. You must supervise any children in your party to ensure that they obey rules regarding property animals, for their safety.