Farmhouse prices range from $450/night to $975/night and includes cleaning costs and Vermont Room and Meals Tax. Our rates are seasonal.

  • June 15 - Labor Day: $975/night (3 night minimum)

  • Labor Day - October 31: $975/night (2 night minimum)

  • November 1 - December 15: $450/night (2 night minimum)

  • December 15 - April 15: $875/night (2 night minimum)

  • Mud Season - April 15 - April 30: Closed

  • May 1 - June 15: $450/night (2 night minimum)


main house 

The Main House prices range from x - y

Four bedrooms. Three bathrooms. Spacious kitchen. Living room and dining area. Shared yard.


the west end

The West End is a smaller space that is ideal for small groups who are traveling for sporting events or other local area activities. This rental does not have a living room area or lounging space, so it is a better fit for active groups, such as skiers or equestrians who plan to be out during the day. This unit has mainly plush mattresses, with the exception of one firm mattress, making for a restful and cozy stay. There is a small kitchen located upstairs for cooking and lounging. 

Three bedrooms. Four bathrooms.

Small upstairs kitchen.

Shared yard.